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jTextproc is a project that tries to provide a framework for a simple use case:

Image: jTextproc Use Case

Whenever you want to process plain text and the result is again plain text, you are in the right place.
jTextproc will deliver an abstraction and a framework for doing the job.

Target Audience
Developers that are looking for a building block that provides solutions for the above use case.

Documentation Getting Involved & Interaction with the Developers
If you want to get involved into this project, or if you want to contact/discuss with the developers, please use the great facilities offered via the project's site on SourceForge. You will be able to find:
jTextproc releases are distributed via SourceForge:
Follow this link for downloading.

Legal Notices
jtextproc was initiated by Dieter Wimberger, and is available under a BSD style open source license. However, it incooperates various available technologies and users have to observe trademarks, copyrights and licenses.
© 2001 Dieter Wimberger